New Late Bloomer yarn bowls.

Our friend Frumet recently stopped by with a brand new batch of ceramic yarn bowls. Frumet is a local potter who makes beautiful functional pieces here in the Triangle, and we’ve carried her buttons and yarn bowls for a few years now.

This time around, we requested shades of blue, and Frumet delivered – from cobalt and indigo to teal and sage, this batch is a beauty.

Yarn bowls are designed to hold your ball of yarn as you’re knitting or crocheting from it, keeping it from rolling around on the floor or getting tangled with notions in your bag. Just place the ball in the bowl and thread your working yarn through the spiral cut-out in the side.

A yarn bowl makes a special gift for a knitter or crocheter, whether it’s a treat for yourself or for someone else. Come by soon to snag one of these special bowls; we have just four in stock, though Frumet will be cooking up more in her kiln soon. See you at the shop!

Back in stock: needles and hooks.

Last month’s sale put a big dent in our supply of needles and hooks, but I’m happy to report that this week brought two shipments of them, bringing us as up to date as possible on our supply of those most essential tools for making stitches.

Knitters have all kinds of preferences when it comes to needles. Smooth, slippery, pointy, blunt, round or square… there are lots of choices, and we try to have a little bit of everything, knowing that these preferences differ from knitter to knitter and from project to project, depending upon what kinds of techniques or fibers are in use.

We carry a variety of circular metal needles from Skacel, including Addi Turbo, Lace, and Rockets. They reside in a chest of drawers reminiscent of a card catalog, sorted first by type and length, then by size.

We also carry Knitter’s Pride Zings, a lightweight aluminum with sharp points at a low price.

Our wooden circular needles include Knitter’s Pride Dreamz and Cubics, both made of laminated birch.

Also from Knitter’s Pride are Karbonz, a graphite needle with nickel-plated brass points.

For small circumference knitting, we also carry a wide range of double pointed needles from Knitter’s Pride and Skacel, along with Addi FlexiFlips in metal and bamboo. We also keep single point straight needles in stock, from US size 0 all the way up to 17.

For crochet hooks, we keep Knitter’s Pride Dreamz hooks in stock as well as two types of Addi hooks – straight handled and the ergonomically-designed Swing hooks.

Come by the shop for needles and hooks as well as yarn! We’ll happily talk through the options with you, helping to pinpoint which tools are right for your preferences and project. See you at the shop!

New colors in Fibre Co. Cumbria Worsted.

Fibre Company just added eight fresh new shades to Cumbria Worsted!

Cumbria Worsted is composed of 60% merino wool, 30% masham wool, and 10% mohair. The soft white merino is blended with the dark gray masham, creating a natural heathered base color over which all the other colorways are dyed.

How to use Cumbria Worsted? Look for worsted weight patterns where stitch definition and structure are important; think cables, texture patterns, hardy sweaters and heirloom blankets or shawls.

My first thought on seeing these new colors was how perfect they’d be for “The Weekender,” Andrea Mowry’s basic pullover that has charmed so many of us. It’s never to late to join our informal Weekender Knit-Along, and we’ve also got Weekender classes on the schedule!

We’ve got print patterns from the Fibre Co. for Cumbria Worsted, too, and of course there’s plenty to choose from on Ravelry – also consider Marie Greene’s “Stillwater” cardigan, Hannah Fettig’s “Coastal Pullover,” Kate Gagnon Osborn’s “Clawthorpe” pullover, “Rockcliffe” scarf and “Seathwaite” hat, and Alana Dakos’ “Four Seasons” shawl, to start with. Keep digging, and you’ll likely end up with a long wishlist of patterns perfectly suited to this yarn. Let us know what you find!

Come by the shop to see the new Cumbria Worsted colors and plan your next project!

Dream in Color Pop Up! Club: August.

Dream in Color’s Pop Up! Club is back! Every month, we’re getting a special new colorway from Dream in Color, a Tuscon-based producer of small batch hand-dyed yarns. August’s new limited edition colorway is here while supplies last!

Dyed on Dream in Color’s aptly-named Smooshy with Cashmere, this highly variegated colorway is streaked with purple, teal, deep blue and brown, among other shades.

Smooshy with Cashmere is a super soft blend of superwash merino wool, cashmere, and nylon – perfect for a special shawl or pair of socks. A skein like this would make a great “Starshower,” “Pebble Beach Shawl,” “Sockhead Slouch Hat” or “Sockhead Cowl,” all patterns that do well with variegated yarn. Look for more pattern ideas on our “Fingering weight” board over on Pinterest.

You’ll find this limited edition colorway in the fingering weight section here at our shop, along with other special skeins from Dream in Color. See you there!

Back in stock: our favorite MDK Field Guides.

The eleventh installment of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide series was a popular one – we ordered and reordered Wanderlust and on both occasions, sold out in no time. For our third order, we decided to bring back some of our other favorite MDK Field Guides, just in case anyone had missed out on them the first time around.

Ann Shayne and Kaye Gardiner’s series of Field Guides are pocket-sized booklets focused on a particular theme or knitting technique. The theme of this eleventh Field Guide is Wanderlust, interpreted by designer Wendy Bernard as a choose-your-own-adventure approach to sock knitting. Summer is a perfect time for a small, portable project like socks – no wonder this Field Guide has been so popular!

Also back in stock is MDK Field Guide No. 5: Sequences, drawing on the inspired work of designer Cecelia Campochiaro. Back in 2017, Anne knit the “Swirl Hat” from this book using Brooklyn Tweed Arbor, a larger gauge than suggested to accommodate the size of her son-in-law’s head – you can read more about that in our original blog post.

Veronik Avery’s “Hadley Pullover” in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter was part of what made MDK Field Guide No. 2 so sought-after. This one focused on Fair Isle knitting, a favorite technique of mine, and Anne’s, too; if you’re intrigued, this little book is a fine and friendly introduction.

We’ve also restocked MDK Field Guide No. 1, a meditation on stripes which features the “Breton Cowl,” knit with the decadent combination of Shibui Drift and Silk Cloud.

Look for these Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop – we hope you find inspiration here!

Back in stock: cocoknits Knitter’s Block and Sweater Care Kit.

Cocoknits is the brainchild of Julie Weisenberger, a knitwear designer and purveyor of high quality tools for knitters. She’s carefully developed notions that are as nice to use as they are to look at. This week brought two of them back into stock – the Knitter’s Block and Sweater Care Kit, tools for the care of our handmade items.

The Knitter’s Block is a set of square blocking tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces. It comes with 18 12″ x 12″ tiles, a pack of stainless steel T-Pins, and a “‘Check’ your Gauge” cloth, woven with 1″ squares for easy measuring as you block, all in a sturdy jute bag.

The Sweater Care Kit is great for blocking, washing, and drying garments that don’t need pinning, like finished sweaters and smaller accessories. It includes mesh laundry bags, super-absorbent towels, a mesh pop-up dryer, and a bottle of Eucalan, all packed into a nice jute tote.

For years, I blocked everything I knit using old towels on the floor. It worked just fine, and there’s nothing wrong with using what’s already on hand, but with all the blocking I was doing between personal and shop projects, I decided to upgrade, and I’m so glad I did.

If you’re looking to upgrade your own blocking tools, the Knitter’s Block and Sweater Care Kit are well worth it – look for them among our blocking supplies, like bottles of Eucalan, packs of T-pins, and sets of blocking wires. See you at the shop!

Shibui Sample of the Month: Graphique.

August is here, and with it, a new Shibui Sample of the Month! We offer a 10% discount on Shibui yarn purchased for our featured sample til the end of the month.

This month’s sample is “Graphique,” a small striped kerchief knit with Shibui Fern. It’s worked in the round, from the center out, in a stripe pattern that makes concentric squares.

Fern is a sport weight organic cotton, with 232 yards on each 50 gram skein. Two skeins is plenty for this little project – just one in each color. Which two would you choose for a “Graphique” kerchief? It looks quite classic in this high-contrast combination, but I’d be interested to see a more subtle version, too.

Come by the shop to before August 25th to see “Graphique” and get Shibui Fern at 10% off to make one of your own!


Just a reminder–all sales are final on discounted items; there can be no exchanges, returns, or special orders. Thanks!

Show and tell: colorwork hats.

We love to see finished projects that started life as yarn on our shelves, and when I’m able, I love to photograph them and share them here on the blog. At the moment, I have enough photos stockpiled for at least four blog posts – let’s begin with colorwork hats!

Kerry designed and knit the “Rionnag Hat” above with Tukuwool Fingering, a match for her “Rionnag Cowl” pattern.

Above is Peggy’s “Selbu Modern,” knit with Fibre Co. Cumbria Fingering. This high contrast combination of navy and cream is so striking, and really pairs well with the repeating motif.

Kate knit this “Slalom Ski Hat” with Kelbourne Woolens Andorra, another high contrast combination well suited to the graphic motif at hand.

Nancy knit this “Frances Hat” with Swans Island All American Sport, a good example of the lovely effect that semisolid hand dyed yarn has on a colorwork project.

Our Nancy does love colorwork – here’s another hat she knit, the “Roadside Beanie” in Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift. She taught a class on this one, which means I expect to see more “Roadside Beanies” as they come off her students’ needles – always fun to see variations on a theme.

Thanks to the knitters, crocheters, and weavers who bring in their work to show us what they’ve made! You inspire and amaze us, and we can’t wait to see what you get into next. Keep an eye on this blog for more show-and-tell soon!

Koigu Collector’s Club: Summer Love.

The Koigu Collector’s Club continues! Each month, we’ll receive 21 skeins of KPPPM in a limited edition color dyed especially for a select group of local yarn stores that carry Koigu.

Dyed on KPPPM, Koigu’s signature fingering weight superwash merino wool, Summer Love is ideal for making shawls, cowls, baby sweaters, and of course, socks.

This highly variegated colorway blends all the colors of the rainbow, conjuring bright tie-dyed shirts or boxes of crayons. Orange, purple, gold, red, pink, sky blue, and indigo – these are playful skeins!

We still have small quantities of some previous Koigu Collector’s Club colorways on hand – Rebirth, Tulips, and Birch – and it’s fun to see how they relate to one another, to combine them for stripes and fades. Think “ZickZack Scarf,” “Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf,” and “Free Your Fade.”

For more pattern ideas, check out our Fingering Weight board on Pinterest.

You’ll find this limited edition colorway of Koigu KPPPM in our fingering weight section, among a variety of inspiring sock yarns. See you at the shop!

A reminder.

We’re quickly coming up on the end of the month, and with it, the end of our Annual Inventory Sale. With that in mind, let today’s blog post be a quick reminder to come into the shop before the sale ends!

Everything in the shop is 15% off for just a few more days–every skein of yarn, every pair of needles, every hook, every book, every magazine, pattern, giftkit; all of it is discounted. If you’ve been meaning to come by to take advantage of the sale but let the month get away from you, hurry in before the end of the day on Wednesday, July 31st. See you there!

Another reminder–all sales are final on discounted items; there can be no exchanges, no returns, nor will we special order. Thanks!