New prints from Binkwaffle.

We’re so happy to have five new prints from Binkwaffle on our shelves!

Binkwaffles are colorful, reversible, dumpling-shaped project bags. Knitters and crocheters love them because they’re both functional and whimsical. Usually we order a random assortment of whatever fabrics Holly has on hand, but when we heard that she was debuting new prints, we wanted them right away.

Holly’s latest creations are full of colorful creatures. We’ve got blue and white elephants, orange and aqua foxes, and black and white puppies, along with aqua pineapples and pink and orange flowers.

A large Binkwaffle bag is roomy enough to accommodate a big wrap, baby blanket, or sweater in progress. The small size, on the other hand, is a perfect way to tote a hat, sock, cowl, or pair of mitts in progress.

Come by the shop to see them all, and come quickly or call ahead if there’s a particular style you’d like to claim; these colorful bags sell fast!

See you at the shop!

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