Hello, Berroco Ultra Wool DK.

Meet the latest addition to our shop, Berroco Ultra Wool DK!

Berroco Ultra Wool DK is lighter version of the well-loved, worsted weight Ultra Wool – a smooth and sturdy superwash wool, one of the few that suggests “tumble dry low” rather than “lay flat to dry.” That makes it a truly easy-care yarn, perfect for baby and children’s garments, blankets, and everyday accessories.

Each 100 gram ball boasts 292 yards, already wound into a center-pull skein, no less. The center-pull end is neatly tucked into the label, so you don’t have to reach into the depths of the skein to fumble for it, one of the pleasing features of Ultra Wool in both worsted and DK weight.

Look for Ultra Wool DK in our DK weight section here at the shop, and check out all the new colors we got in Ultra Wool worsted, too!

Hello, Bearfoot.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot: here is a loveable sock yarn. It’s not a new arrival; rather, we’ve had it at the shop for quite some time. However, having recently reorganized the sock yarn display, I’ve only recently come to admire its depth of color and its unusual fiber content. Bearfoot is easily our only sock yarn … [more]

Great Adirondack roving.

Back in stock: brightly colored roving from Great Adirondack. Spinners, take note!

Not to brag, but.

Look what we just put up in the shop window! We are delighted, and so proud to have received 1st place for “Best Yarn Shop” in the News of Orange County‘s Reader’s Choice Awards, four years in a row! Thanks, everybody!


Another new Fall issue has found its way to the shop, incongrous though it may seem in mid-July: The Fall issue of KnitScene is particularly conducive to sweater-weather fantasies. To this issue, popular knitwear designer and blogger Amy Herzog has contributed an article on modifying patterns to suit your individual shape, along with a handful … [more]

Knit Simple.

It may seem a little early for the Fall 2011 magazines to start showing up, but the cozy looking sweaters, hats, and scarves in the newest issue of Knit Simple are great fodder for autumnal knitting fantasies.  Truly: summer is a good time to get small cold-weather accessories finished so that they’re wearable as soon … [more]

Tools of the trade.

If you’ve been to our shop, you may already be familiar with the range of knitting needles and crochet hooks we stock. Addi Turbo and Lace circulars for those who prefer slick, quick, metal knitting needles, and Crystal Palace circulars, straights, and double points for those who prefer the smooth, slightly clingy quality of bamboo. … [more]

Creative Knitting.

A brand new addition to the Hillsborough Yarn Shop magazine collection: Creative Knitting magazine. Inside you’ll find another batch of new, summery patterns, from cardigans to sleeveless tops to decorative scarves. Take a look inside and see what you think of this new-to-us magazine.

Hillsborough Yarn Shop’s Annual Summer Sale!

July is here again, and with it comes our annual summer sale: absolutely all of our yarns are 15% off during the month of July! Even that special skein whose temptation you’ve been resisting. Maybe it’s Kauni. Maybe it’s Schaefer. Maybe it’s Malabrigo. Maybe it’s yarn for a project you’ve been daydreaming about, say, a … [more]

Summer reading.

Last week, Anne and I unpacked two boxes of books, almost all of which were new to the shop. We quickly made space on the teacart for them, and filled it even more quickly. As I’ve explained here before and as regulars have come to expect, the teacart is reserved for the newest additions to the shop. … [more]

Handy, indeed.

If you’ve ever walked into the shop, fallen in love with a skein of yarn and asked us, “Is this enough for a scarf?” then you’ve probably seen Anne and I consult one of these. The Knitter’s (and Crocheter’s) Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements is a little pamphlet filled with charts that are filled with … [more]