New colors in Berroco Ultra Wool.

We recently got a big bundle of new colors from Berroco in yarns across their line of machine-washable wools – Ultra Wool DK, Ultra Wool (worsted weight), and Ultra Wool Chunky. Today, I’m sharing new colors, project ideas, and color combinations in the worsted weight Ultra Wool – let’s take a look!

Berroco Ultra Wool:

  • worsted weight
  • 100% superwash wool
  • 219 yards/100g
  • $12 each

These pastels fill out the already large Ultra Wool color selection, and makes for rich color combinations.

Here are some two-color projects for worsted weight yarn:

The colors above are a snapshot of what we have on hand right now, but it changes from day to day; Berroco Ultra Wool comes in over 80 colors, which you can see on the Berroco website. If there’s a color you’d like that you don’t see in our photos here, ask us and we may be able to order it for you!

Order online for local pickup or shipping, and keep an eye out for an upcoming post on Ultra Wool Chunky!

Katia Fabula. Once more.

I know I’ve written about this yarn twice before, but it’s time, once more, to remind you of the existence of Katia Fabula. Super-bulky, very soft, machine-washable merino wool which we now carry in a whopping  8 colors. Have a look! I have a feeling that as the holidays grow nearer, this yarn will begin … [more]

Cleaning up our act.

If you’ve been at the shop in the past few days, perhaps you noticed something missing. Something that used to sit behind Anne or myself at the checkout desk. Something large, gray, and dusty. Something with an internet connection which I’ve often described as “glacial.”  Yes: we got rid of the desktop computer. It served … [more]

Coastal Knits.

Those of you who regularly cruise knitting blogs have probably already heard a lot about Coastal Knits, a collaboration by designers Hannah Fettig and Alana Dakos. I know I’ve been running into it online quite a bit lately. This book boasts the current most popular new pattern, according to Ravelry: the Rocky Coast Cardigan. If … [more]

Crochet Accessories and Jane Austen Knits.

Two new magazines arrived this week from the busy people at Interweave: a little something for the crocheters… …and a little something for the knitters. Find them on the teacart, where new books and magazines are constantly crowding one another out, competing for your attention.

Two new colorwork resources.

It seems we’ve been getting tons of exciting new books this fall, one right after another. I confess, I’ve added about four new knitting books to my collection at home in the past month alone. Two of those have already been carefully reviewed here on the blog, but the other two have not yet had … [more]

Vogue Knitting.

The Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting is here. Find it on the teacart!

The Knitter’s Book of Socks.

Clara Parkes has done it again, and by “done it again,” I mean “provided a practical, beautiful, fascinating, rigorous resource for knitters.” From the author of Knitter’s Review, the woman who brought us The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and The Knitter’s Book of Wool, here’s The Knitter’s Book of Socks. If you’re a sock knitter, … [more]


Anne and I recently decided that we needed more colors of Isager Tvinni (pronounced, incidentally, “tweenie.” In case you were curious), a fingering-weight merino from Denmark. We pored over the colorcard, comparing the awe-inspiring array of available colors to our small Tvinni collection, carefully selecting those colors that would play well together and reflect a … [more]


For the past few weeks, Anne has been hard at work on a sweater, a sample for the shop knit from a Habu kit. The yarn is a fine, slubbed cotton, and the pattern is in the Japanese style, with little to no written instructions. Instead, Anne’s knitting is guided by a simple diagram, a … [more]

Purple caps.

Thanks to all the knitters and crocheters who made purple baby caps this year, we were able to send off a big box of 174 purple caps to the good people at the Period of Purple Crying project. They’re working to educate new parents and other caregivers that an infant’s increased crying is totally normal, … [more]