New colors in Berroco Ultra Wool.

We recently got a big bundle of new colors from Berroco in yarns across their line of machine-washable wools – Ultra Wool DK, Ultra Wool (worsted weight), and Ultra Wool Chunky. Today, I’m sharing new colors, project ideas, and color combinations in the worsted weight Ultra Wool – let’s take a look!

Berroco Ultra Wool:

  • worsted weight
  • 100% superwash wool
  • 219 yards/100g
  • $12 each

These pastels fill out the already large Ultra Wool color selection, and makes for rich color combinations.

Here are some two-color projects for worsted weight yarn:

The colors above are a snapshot of what we have on hand right now, but it changes from day to day; Berroco Ultra Wool comes in over 80 colors, which you can see on the Berroco website. If there’s a color you’d like that you don’t see in our photos here, ask us and we may be able to order it for you!

Order online for local pickup or shipping, and keep an eye out for an upcoming post on Ultra Wool Chunky!

Schoolhouse Press.

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