Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf.

My niece recently turned three, and while I was visiting her on her birthday, she noticed my knitting. She climbed into my lap to see what I was doing with my handful of tiny double pointed needles, and how I was turning that bright red yarn into a sock. “I need my own knitting needles,” she said, and I realized how excited I was to teach her to knit. She’s not quite old enough yet, but one day, when she’s ready, I’ll be so glad to show her how it’s done.

Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf is a children’s book about exactly that moment: a child learning to knit. Written by Alana Dakos, one of the designers who brought us last year’s Coastal Knits, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf is friendly and encouraging, acknowledging that most young knitters’ first attempts are less than perfect. With patience and lots of practice, Annie learns to knit.

This week, we got the Deluxe Edition Gift Set of Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf, complete with paper dolls in sweet handknits, stickers, and a puzzle. I can think of no better gift for an aspiring young knitter, especially when paired with needles and yarn.

Come by the shop to take a peek at this sweet storybook. And if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, do thumb through Coastal Knits, as well. You’ll find thoughtfully-designed garments there, patterns inspired by the coastlines of California and Maine.

See you at the shop!


  1. Julia, you might want to rethink when your niece is ready to learn to knit. I have been reading up on the history of knitting (doesn’t everyone do this in their spare time?) In the 1700’s in England “poor children” as young as 4 years old were put to work knitting. This was seen not just as a way to make money but as a virtue, part of character development. Sooo….

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