Cables, colorwork, crochet: the latest books.

It’s been box after box of books lately. The teacart is filled to the brim with new magazines and books of patterns.



Scottish Knits is a colorful bunch of patterns from designer Martin Storey. Fans of stranded colorwork and cables will likely find something compelling between its covers, be it sweater, hat, or mittens.




Tunisian crochet is a technique that uses an elongated hook to crochet a fabric that sometimes resembles knitting. The New Tunisian Crochet offer a wide range of patterns for this technique, from garments to home decor.





Along with those two new books, we also received the latest issue of Koigu Magazine and two collections of patterns from the Craft Tree collection: Easy Knitted Hats and Easy Knitted Accessories.


Not sure what your next project will be? Come by the shop to browse these latest publications, along with all the rest.


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