Interweave Crochet, and a few new books.

The Fall 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet is here!


In this issue, you’ll find garments and accessories that use many different crochet colorwork methods. The patterns within are decorated with all manner of stripes, intarsia, tapestry crochet, and Tunisian stranded colorwork.



There’s also a handy article on colorwork management, teaching how to work with multiple colors at once–a must for many of these patterns.

DSCN3543Look to the teacart at the shop for the latest crochet books and magazines, but don’t stop there; we have plenty of older titles on the bookshelf with patterns, techniques, and other inspiration. For example, we recently added this trio of crochet booklets for children’s garments, noticing a gap between our baby and adult patterns.


Megan Kreiner’s Bathtime Buddies also arrived at the shop recently, filled with patterns for crocheted sea creatures. If stitching toys and stuffed animals is right up your alley, be sure to check this one out, along with our other amigurumi books.


Browse them all at the shop!

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