Knitter’s Graph Paper Journals.

I’m happy to announce that Knitter’s Graph Paper Journals are back in stock here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop! Meet the perfect notebook to slip into your knitting bag.

These slim, unassuming notebooks are full of knitter’s graph paper, with squares that, like knitted stitches, are wider than they are tall. This makes them ideal for penciling in all manner of knitting charts, from cables and colorwork to lace, intarsia, and texture patterns.

The Knitter’s Graph Paper Journal is made in Oakland, CA, and designed by a knitter, Narangkar Glover. The pages may be blank, but the inside covers are packed with information: a ruler on one edge, a needle inventory, a key for common knitting symbols, a guide to yarn weights and fabric care symbols.

It’s simple and practical, but also beautiful, I think. I have one of my own, pictured here, that’s peppered with notes but mostly filled with colorwork charts – sketching out color ideas on paper is often a part of my yarn selection process.

Come by the shop to pick up a Knitter’s Graph Paper Journal for yourself or a friend!

A reminder: We’re closing early at 2:30 today, December 24th, and closed Wednesday, December 25th. Our holiday closures are always listed on the front page of our website – check there if you’re ever uncertain. We look forward to opening at our regular business hours on Thursday, December 26th!


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