Knitting Pattern Essentials.

Sally Melville’s latest book has arrived.


Knitting Pattern Essentials is a comprehensive guide to sweater construction that teaches how to draft and modify knitting patterns. Melville covers the basic elements of knitted garments, different hemlines, necklines, sleeves, sides, and shoulders, then talks about how to combine them or alter them to suit your preferences.


From there, Melville gets into the fine points of sweater design, the parts that for some, can be most intimidating: doing the math, and translating the numbers into directions for creating knitted fabric.


Any knitters out there who are interested in sweater design will find a lot to chew on in Knitting Pattern Essentials. Come by the shop to check it out, and get it at 15% off if you come in during our Annual Inventory Sale!


  1. Tricia Kinney on said:

    Hoping you can help. I am looking for the swatch pattern stitch on the cover of Sally Melville’s “Knitting Pattern Essentials” Adapting and Graphing. Is it (the pattern) included in this publication.

    • Hi Tricia – sorry to report that we no longer have the book in stock, so I can’t check to see if that stitch pattern is included in the book. Good luck on your search!

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