Malabrigo Book 4.

The much anticipated Malabrigo Book 4 has arrived!

Malabrigo Book 4 is filled to the brim with patterns for Malabrigo yarns by designers like Stephen West, Gudrun Johnston, Kirsten Kapur, and more. These designers make good use of the full range of Malabrigo yarns, from Lace and Sock to Arroyo, Silky Merino, Rios, and more.

We also reordered plenty of colors in Malabrigo’s superwash sport weight yarn, Arroyo, as our stash at the shop had diminished considerably.

We’re especially happy to have the color VAA back in stock, as our shop sample is made up in just that color. So many knitters have admired this Drop Stitch Scarf, and in particular this moody green colorway. We ordered two bags this time, to be sure that those who’ve been daydreaming about VAA can get their hands on it.

Come by the shop to see Malabrigo Book 4, and all the Malabrigo yarns we stock. See you there!


  1. Tressa in NC on said:

    The scarf is so pretty!! VAA has always been one of my favorite colors of Malabrigo! Oh, I think I need the new Book 4, too.

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