Norah Gaughan.

Norah Gaughan is a knitwear designer with a distinctive style and a taste for unusual shapes, often inspired by those found in nature. We have two sample sweaters hanging in the shop which illustrate this perfectly: Flower Child, which I’ve written about before, is from Volume 4 of Gaughan’s series for Berroco, and Eastlake, which is from Volume 3. Look for them next time you’re in the shop, as seeing them in person is a great improvement over seeing images on the computer. All eight of the Norah Gaughan collections are stunning and inspiring, especially for those seeking modern sweaters and interesting knits.

 But wait–make that nine.

This new collection, Norah Gaughan: Volume 9, is my favorite so far. It’s filled with cables and makes good use of many wonderful Berroco yarns that we stock, from the sport weight Ultra Alpaca Light to the super chunky Peruvia Quick. Here’s a peek inside at a few of the designs.

Find it on the teacart, along with the newest Fall magazines!

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