We’re delighted to have Kate Davies’ newest book on our shelves! Happit is a small collection of shawls and cowls, paired with a couple of essays by Davies, whose writing about knitting and history is as impressive as her design work. Several of these designs call for yarns we stock here at the shop. “Fantoosh,” … [more]

Knitting Comfortably.

Another new book has arrived at the shop, a little different from our usual fare. This book is composed neither of patterns nor personal essays nor pretty knitting pictures. Rather, Knitting Comfortably is a book about the health of our hands and bodies, written by a physical therapist who happens to be an expert knitter. We’d … [more]

A Stash of One’s Own.

Clara Parkes’ latest book is here! A Stash of One’s Own is a collection of essays by Clara Parkes and over twenty other knitters about loving, living with, and letting go of yarn. Each essay reveals the complicated relationship between knitters and their yarn collections, one that can be marked by everything from pleasure, grief, … [more]

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin.

The fourth installment of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide series is here! Let’s take a peek inside. Ann Shayne and Kaye Gardiner’s series of Field Guides are pocket-sized booklets focused on a particular theme or knitting technique. The theme here is Log Cabin, a motif you may recognize from quilting. In knitting, it’s a modular technique that builds … [more]

Ase Lund Jensen.

Marianne Isager’s newest book is here, and it is a beauty! Let’s look inside ALJ: Ase Lund Jensen – a Danish knitwear designer. As its title suggests, ALJ is a tribute to Danish knitwear designer Ase Lund Jensen, a pioneer in textile arts from the late 1950’s until her death in 1977. Jensen recognized a talent … [more]

Dovestone Smallholding Trunk Show!

We were delighted to receive our latest trunk show early – come by the shop between now and the end of August to see the Dovestone Smallholding Trunk Show! Ella Austin’s Dovestone Smallholding is a book of stuffed toys knit with Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK, a soft and beautiful blend of British wools. We … [more]

Wool Journey: Shetland.

Another beautiful new book has arrived! Let’s take a look inside Wool Journey: Shetland. Wool Journey: Shetland came out of a friendly trip to Shetland taken by designers and yarn shop owners Amber Platzer Corcoran, Jaime Jennings, Malia Mae Joseph, and Stephen West. This little book is from Pom Pom Press, the folks who bring … [more]

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns.

The third installment of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide series is here, and going fast! Let’s take a peek inside. Ann Shayne and Kaye Gardiner’s series of Field Guides are pocket-sized booklets focused on a particular theme or knitting technique. The first two featured musings on stripes and fair-isle knitting, respectively, but this third is all about … [more]

Inspired by Islay.

Kate Davies’ newest book is now on our shelves. Let’s take a peek inside Inspired by Islay. Kate Davies is a knitwear designer and writer who I very much admire, for her traditional-looking, smartly-crafted patterns as well as her academic approach to textiles. Her books are always good reads as well as good knits, putting … [more]

The Artisan.

Helga Isager’s newest book has arrived! Let’s take a peek inside The Artisan. Helga Isager is a Danish knitwear designer who runs the Isager yarn company along with her accomplished mother, Marianne Isager. Both Isagers design with Isager yarn in mind, of course, often blending two or three yarns together for heavier gauges or interesting … [more]