Back in stock: Knitter’s Pride needles.

Our Annual Inventory Sale left us with some big holes in our supply of Knitter’s Pride needles, so it was with great relief that I unpacked an absolutely enormous shipment of needles this past week. Now they’re all here: circular and double pointed Dreamz, Cubics, and Karbonz needles. We even got a set of the … [more]

Knitter’s Pride: Dreamz, Cubics, and Karbonz.

When it comes to needles, knitters have all kinds of opinions and preferences. Some prefer the light weight that wooden needles offer, others like the sturdiness of metal. Some insist on a pointy tip, while others stand by their blunt needles. Everyone seems to agree that in circular needles, the join must be smooth where … [more]

Knitter’s Pride Karbonz.

Back in November, we got our first shipment of Karbonz, a new carbon needle from Knitter’s Pride. We started with the double pointed needles, just to see how we liked them, and because the small range of sizes (US 000 – 4) lent itself to sock knitting, which is so often done on double points. … [more]

Susanne’s knitting needles.

We’ve just taken on a new brand of knitting needles: Susanne’s, out of Germany. Susanne’s makes beautiful needles from reclaimed ebony and rosewood salvaged from a piano manufacturer. The result is smooth hardwood needles, which come in 13″ straights, 4″ double points, and 24″ and 32″ circulars. I haven’t worked with them yet, but Anne … [more]

New from Knitter’s Pride: Karbonz dpns.

Over the weekend, we received a shipment of brand new double pointed needles from Knitter’s Pride: Karbonz, so named for the carbon fiber they’re made of. Carbon fiber is smooth, lightweight, and strong enough to bend without breaking. The slight flexibility of carbon fiber allows Knitter’s Pride to produce these needles in teeny tiny sizes … [more]

The circular needle filing system.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a slight change in the shop in the past two weeks. Not a huge furniture rearrangement. Not a cubby full of bright, new yarn. Not a new sweater hanging on the wall. Just a little change in the way we store and display our large collection of circular needles. We used to … [more]

Knitter’s Pride needles and hooks.

This week, we got three boxes brimming with nothing but knitting needles and crochet hooks. We had been missing some sizes in the Crystal Palace bamboo single and double pointed needles, so one box was dedicated to those. The other two were all Knitter’s Pride, a relatively new line that seems to have become a … [more]

Knitter’s Pride interchangeable circular needles.

Interchangeable circular needle sets are no doubt topping many a knitter’s wish list this season. Their appeal can be traced not only to their convenience and compactness, but also to a kind of cuteness: pairs of needle points are lined up in a little case, with a pocket for cords of different lengths. The Knitter’s … [more]

Knitter’s Pride Cubics.

The Knitter’s Pride Dreamz circulars have been a huge hit. We hadn’t even received our complete order when it was time to reorder sizes we had already sold out of. I’ve not yet tried them myself, but the positive feedback I’m hearing suggests pointy points, smooth joins, and flexible cables: all good qualities to find … [more]

Knitter’s Pride.

I’ve written before about the range of needles and hooks we offer at the shop. Today, I’m here not to summarize our collection, but to introduce the latest line of circular knitting needles: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz. These circulars are made from laminated compressed birch, and come in 16″, 24″, 32″, and 40″ lengths in a … [more]