Late Bloomer Buttons.

We’re delighted to announce that we now carry handmade buttons from Late Bloomer Pottery! Frumet is a local potter who makes beautiful functional pieces here in the Triangle. She and Diane recently discovered a love for button-making, and we’re so thrilled to share the fruits of their labor with you. Smaller buttons come in threes, … [more]

Pom-pom makers.

We routinely order from Bryson Distributing, filling in on a few different kinds of knitting needles, crochet hooks, notions and accessories. By special request, our most recent order included a gadget that’s new for us: pom-pom makers. These two colorwork hats from the Baa Ram Ewe Trunk Show have been getting a lot of attention, not … [more]

Nancy’s Knit Knacks.

We recently ordered some knitterly notions from Nancy’s Knit Knacks, filling in where supplies had dwindled. The WPI Tool Kit is a clever gadget for measuring the number of wraps-per-inch of any given yarn. This is a handy way to estimate the gauge of an unlabeled yarn, or determine if one yarn may be substituted … [more]

Last minute gifts.

I know many of you have been busily stitching gifts this holiday season, and Anne and I are right there with you, knitting up until almost the last minute. We recently got these cute gift tags in, with care instructions on the back, so you can send your handmade gifts off with all the relevant information. … [more]

New from Jul.

We were delighted to unpack a shipment of shawl pins and closures from Jul this week. Shawl pins are temporary closures designed to keep a shawl or scarf in place, or close a buttonless cardigan. We have several styles in stock to suit a variety of knit or crocheted garments. We also replenished our supply of … [more]

Back in stock: Wool Trees.

We’re so happy to see a little forest of Wool Trees back on our shelves! These elegant yarn-ball controllers are handcrafted in California from maple, walnut, and sapele. Wool Tree Mill makes a few variations on its original Wool Tree, as well. Here’s the tray model, with storage for your stitch markers, cable needle, point protectors, … [more]

Needle cases from Della Q and Namaste.

We just got shipments from Della Q and Namaste full of colorful cases to help you make sense of your knitting needles. As knitters, our needle collections are ever-expanding and in need of some order, a need that these cases answer in style. A bonus: get your needles organized, and you’re far less likely to accidentally buy … [more]

Lavender sachets.

We are often asked how best to store yarn and woolens so that moths aren’t tempted to chew them up. Our stashes, whether of shiny new skeins or well-loved hand-knit sweaters, are precious, and a moth infestation would be distressing, indeed. Clean woolens stored in air-tight containers are safest from moths; cedar and lavender are sweet-smelling moth-deterrents, … [more]

Sirka counters.

Whether you use a row counter, paper and pen, an app on your phone, or some other method, we all need to keep track of where we are in a pattern when we’re knitting. Simple instructions may require nothing more than your own short term memory (like “work in 2×2 rib until piece measures 2.5 … [more]

Darning eggs.

I’ve written before about caring for my hand-knit socks, which includes washing a big bunch of them weekly by hand. So much time and care goes into each pair of socks, and they tend to see the most wear and tear of my handmade wardrobe, so when it comes to washing them, I try to … [more]