Caring for finished garments.

We are often asked how to care for finished garments. Once you spend your money on good quality yarn and then spend your time crafting something special out of it, it follows that you want to keep it looking and feeling good for as long as possible. Eucalan and Sweater Stones are two products that … [more]

Jul shawl pins, closures, and patterns.

Last week, we received some new shawl pins from Jul, along with some other interesting closures and a few patterns that feature them. These lightweight resin shawl pins come in a rainbow of colors, brightening up our Jul selection, which otherwise tends toward the wooden and the metallic. We also got some really unusual leather … [more]

HYS circular needle cases.

We’re glad to have these Hillsborough Yarn Shop circular needle cases back in stock for the first time in at least a year. This sturdy canvas case opens up to reveal a series of ziploc-style sleeves which will happily house your circular needles and other notions. Come by the shop to check them out; they’d … [more]

Back in stock: Namaste.

When Namaste’s newest bag, Harlow, sold out almost as quickly as it came in, we got the message, and made plans to reorder. What are knitters loving about Harlow? It’s spacious, full of interior and exterior pockets for housing knitterly notions as well as wallets and cell phones, and has a zippered top to keep … [more]

Spindles and shawl pins.

Earlier this week, we were visited by local fiber artist Lorin Fields, the woman behind Local Color Hues, whose vibrantly hand-dyed merino roving we stock at the shop. She had something special to show us: hand-crafted drop spindles and shawl pins, made in Siler City exclusively from North Carolina hardwoods. Even as non-spinners, Anne and … [more]

The Color Grid.

A few weeks ago, our hero, Clara Parkes, posted a particularly intriguing review on her excellent and very informative blog, Knitter’s Review. As soon as Anne arrived at the shop that day, I said, “Did you read Clara today?” Her response: “I already ordered it.” The subject of that Knitter’s Review post, and the object of our … [more]

Double point work-in-progress tubes.

It’s been a knitterly gadgets kind of week here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. Along with the Fix-a-Stitch, we also received a shipment of double point work-in-progress tubes, or DP Wip Tubes, for those who like to abbreviate. Like the Fix-a-Stitch, the DP Wip Tube solves a specific problem simply and well. Say you’re knitting a … [more]


New yarns, books, and magazines we expect. New patterns, new colorways, a new brand of needles or hooks every once in a while: sure. It is much more rare, I think, that I come here to announce a new knitterly gadget like this one. Here is the Fix-a-Stitch, a short, two-ended crochet hook for picking … [more]

Knitter’s Pride shawl pins.

The Knitter’s Pride Dreamz circular needles have quickly become our bestselling circulars, and as such, are forever being reordered. This week’s big box of Knitter’s Pride circs had something else going for it, too. Alongside the usual needles were these pretty wooden shawl pins. Like the Knitter’s Pride needles and hooks, these shawl pins are … [more]


For whatever reason, we’ve been flush with Lantern Moon shipments recently. Whether it’s a many-pocketed project bag or a splendidly shiny button, Lantern Moon seems to make all of the goodies that knitters and crocheters go for–save for yarn, of course. Our latest box from Lantern Moon brought the usual batch of Meadow Pouches, allowing … [more]