Shawl pins.

I spent a good bit of the afternoon last Thursday putting a new batch of shawl pins on display. Like buttons, shawl pins are a small detail that make a big impact on your finished project. These particular shawl pins from Shaune Bazner are lightweight, to prevent stretching your knit or crochet shawl, and range … [more]

Lavishea lotion bars.

In midsummer, with the promise of new fall yarns still months away, the tide of shipments recedes. We’re not getting boxes of yarn in the mail every day, as we do in other seasons. Instead, we are preparing for the rush of shipments that is not so far away. We put all of our yarn … [more]

Handy, indeed.

If you’ve ever walked into the shop, fallen in love with a skein of yarn and asked us, “Is this enough for a scarf?” then you’ve probably seen Anne and I consult one of these. The Knitter’s (and Crocheter’s) Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements is a little pamphlet filled with charts that are filled with … [more]