Hello, Plant Fiber.

Last week, we welcomed a brand new Isager yarn to the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. Say hello to Isager Plant Fiber. Plant Fiber is composed entirely of plant fibers, as you might have guessed: 70% ramie, 15% bamboo, and 15% hemp. It comes in 165-yard, 50 gram balls, has a nice shiny quality, and is available … [more]


We’re often asked if we know a good cowl pattern, or have a book of them. This request has been particularly common in the past month or so, so I thought I’d give a virtual version of my in-shop answer. A book of cowls: unfortunately, no. A good cowl pattern: here are four, and all … [more]

Swans Island. Again.

Every time we get a box from Swans Island, Anne and I exchange an open-mouthed look of delight. It’s so exciting to open those boxes, to see the new colors and welcome back those that we’d already sold out of.  And those are just the reorders. Our joy is doubled when we pull aside a … [more]

Schoolhouse Press.

I have a lot of favorite things in the shop. From time to time, some unsuspecting customer will ask me what my favorite yarn is, and the answer they get is lengthy, a handful of yarns at least, and only represents my favorites of that particular moment. We have so many yarns that I love to … [more]

Cascade addendum.

Along with all of that yarn from Cascade, we also got a beautiful sample sweater, the Cable Lovers’ Pullover, knit in Eco +. The pattern is available as a free download from Cascade’s website, along with a handful of other patterns for Eco +. In fact, Cascade offers a selection of free patterns for nearly … [more]


A customer and I were chatting recently about the joys of sock knitting. Specifically, we were waxing rhapsodic on the joys of simple sock knitting–not the intricate colorwork socks that I often daydream of, nor socks adorned with various combinations of cable twists and lace, but basic stockinette or ribbed socks. “Socks are friends,” she … [more]

The pattern binders.

They’re not flashy, the pattern binders. They’re heavy, filled nearly to bursting, and are tucked away at the bottom of a shelf by the window where you may never notice them unless you’re looking for them. The binders are stuffed with single patterns, which are perfect for those seeking an inexpensive alternative to a book … [more]