To market we go.

On Thursday afternoon, Anne and Rosi and I piled into the car and headed to Columbus, Ohio. The National Needle-Arts Association holds an annual conference and trade show in Columbus every June, an event we often refer to simply as “TNNA.” TNNA is where we do the majority of our fall and winter yarn ordering … [more]

Going to Market Sale!

Every year, we attend the National Needle Arts trade show and market, a gathering place for yarn companies and retailers, and a time for placing Fall and Winter orders. As we prepare to go to market, we offer a sale for the three weeks before our trip: a Going to Market Sale. This year, all … [more]

Mountain Meadow Wool Yarn Tasting.

This past Sunday, we hosted a yarn tasting featuring four yarns from Mountain Meadow Wools. Fifteen knitters arrived with their bags full of needles, ready to swatch. As bagels were munched and mimosas were sipped, Anne told us a bit about Mountain Meadow Wool: how they got started, their environmentally-friendly practices, and the many wonderful … [more]

Mountain Meadow Wool Yarn Tasting.

We’re delighted to announce that we have an exciting event coming up:  a yarn tasting featuring four yarns from Mountain Meadow Wool, a small yarn company out of Wyoming. Mountain Meadow Wool is dedicated to producing locally sourced and naturally processed yarns. Run by co-owners Karen Hostetler and Valerie Spanos, Mountain Meadow Wool seeks to support … [more]

Triangle Yarn Crawl.

The Triangle Yarn Crawl is a self-guided tour of local yarn shops, where knitters and crocheters get together and hop from one shop to the next, shopping, entering raffles, and seeing the full breadth of available fibers. They happen twice a year, and the time has come again: the Spring 2013 crawl is this weekend, March … [more]


Another year has passed at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, and it feels like a particularly momentous one. Most of our days were spent in the usual way: we guided knitters and crocheters to the fiber, tools, and texts they sought, talked them through unfamiliar techniques, were wowed again and again by the incredible things they … [more]

An anniversary sale, a yarn crawl.

As you may remember from years past, or may have seen in our most recent email newsletter, October marks the six-year anniversary of the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. We are so grateful to all of you for your support over the years, for shopping and learning and sharing with us. We’ll celebrate another year in business … [more]


It’s been a long, exhausting couple of days, but the shop reorganization is now complete. All our yarn is now sorted by gauge, the books are consolidated, and somehow the shop feels much bigger than it did before. You’ll have to come in to get a real sense of how dramatically this new arrangement has … [more]


Our reorganization of the shop is in full swing. Outside, our doors are locked, and we’ve hung sheets in the windows to hide the chaos within. What’s that? You’d like a peek at our chaos? You’re wondering just what we’re doing in there? We’re rearranging all our yarn by weight, so that yarns with similar … [more]

Closed for reorganization!

As you may have read in our newsletter, or heard from Anne and I over the past couple of weeks, we’re planning a major reorganization here at the shop. Furniture will be moved, needles and books rearranged, and all 600+ kinds of yarn that we stock will be shuffled around into a new order. The … [more]