A reminder.

July is coming to a close, which means that our annual inventory sale is ending soon. All month, everything in the shop has been discounted by 15%, unless, like the Cascade Lana Bambu or Rustic, they were already more deeply discounted to begin with. So many of you have already taken advantage of this discount, … [more]

Five years and counting.

This past week, we got some great news from the News of Orange County. Once again, we’ve won “Best Yarn Shop” in the News of Orange County’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Thanks so much to all who voted, and to everyone who supports the shop!

Annual Inventory Sale!

As many of you know, July is our annual inventory sale month. From the 1st to the 31st, everything in the shop is discounted by 15%, with the exception of classes and yarns that have already been discounted. If you’ve had your eye on a special skein, or have been planning a big project or … [more]

Last day.

It’s our last day here at TNNA, and we each have one last class and a few last minute orders to place before we get back in the car and head home. We’ve been up late swatching potential new yarns, excitedly stitching our way through sample skeins in whatever little stitch pattern suits us at … [more]

A fashion show, a thousand things to see.

Anne and Rosi and I had another long, excitement-and-yarn-filled day here at The National NeedleArts Association Trade Show in Columbus. We got up early for some interesting classes, then hustled over to the fashion show, scoring front row seats, thanks to Rosi. Then it was time to start walking the showroom floor, where hundreds of … [more]

On learning something new.

This morning, I attended a class on Celtic cables taught by Melissa Leapman, knitwear designer and author of Cables Untangled, Continuous Cables, Stashbuster Knits, and Mastering Color Knitting, among many others. I’ve knit a cabled sweater or two, made a couple of pairs of Fetchings, but always working from patterns with written instructions rather than … [more]

To market we go.

This morning, Anne and Rosi and I gathered at the shop, piled into the car, and set off for Columbus, Ohio, headed for The National NeedleArts Trade Show. We knit as we traveled, chatted, and peered out the window at the fields, trees, rivers and mountains we passed. “What do you think will be this … [more]

Reorganizing the pattern binders.

About a year ago, I wrote about our collection of single-pattern binders. What I said then is just as true now: they are a great resource for those seeking just one pattern, rather than a book. When you want to make a hat, but you’re not interested in making twenty hats, a single pattern is … [more]

The circular needle filing system.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a slight change in the shop in the past two weeks. Not a huge furniture rearrangement. Not a cubby full of bright, new yarn. Not a new sweater hanging on the wall. Just a little change in the way we store and display our large collection of circular needles. We used to … [more]

(More) new shelves.

Yes, we’re at it again. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that we’re always at it, where “it” is “rearranging shelves and their contents in a constant attempt to better arrange the shop.” We are blessed with an enormous collection of fibers, such that we must use every square inch of our shop to store … [more]