Cleaning up our act. Some more.

We’ve done some more furniture rearranging this week at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. The cotton tree switched places with the corner chair, making it easier for those who sit and knit at the shop to socialize while they do so. In the interest of using what little space we have more wisely, we acquired a … [more]

Cleaning up our act.

If you’ve been at the shop in the past few days, perhaps you noticed something missing. Something that used to sit behind Anne or myself at the checkout desk. Something large, gray, and dusty. Something with an internet connection which I’ve often described as “glacial.”  Yes: we got rid of the desktop computer. It served … [more]

The sock wall.

When you first enter the shop, the wall facing you is the one with most of our sock yarns. Over the past month or two, I’ve been slowly going through this corner of the shop, trying to bring more order to the sock yarns and getting as many baskets off the floor as space allowed. … [more]


I’m sure Anne is having a delightful time in Denmark, but I know she’ll be truly jealous of what I got to do today at the shop. Her grandsons came by for a short visit, and with Anne out of town, Rosi and I got a chance to cuddle them with no grandmotherly interruption. (Thanks … [more]

A gentle reminder.

July is coming to a close, friends. The end of the month may mean many things to many people, but we can all come together on this one: the end of July brings the end of our July sale. I trust that you have all spent the last three weeks meticulously planning your next several … [more]

Not to brag, but.

Look what we just put up in the shop window! We are delighted, and so proud to have received 1st place for “Best Yarn Shop” in the News of Orange County‘s Reader’s Choice Awards, four years in a row! Thanks, everybody!

Hillsborough Yarn Shop’s Annual Summer Sale!

July is here again, and with it comes our annual summer sale: absolutely all of our yarns are 15% off during the month of July! Even that special skein whose temptation you’ve been resisting. Maybe it’s Kauni. Maybe it’s Schaefer. Maybe it’s Malabrigo. Maybe it’s yarn for a project you’ve been daydreaming about, say, a … [more]

Did I neglect to mention?

Anne is now a grandmother! Jared Gabriel and Caleb Liam were born on May 27th, 2011, weighing in at 5 lbs 1 oz and 5 lbs 9 oz respectively. Anne is completely over the moon for these little guys. We’ve got their picture on the wall at the shop, which is likely to be frequently … [more]

Preparing for classes.

Marion is a hard working knitter. She comes into the shop, settles down in her normal spot on the couch, and spreads out her notes and charts to work on the project in the photo below. This is her Vogue Sleeveless Tunic, knit in Cascade 220 Superwash Sport, a top that will be the focus … [more]

The Noro corner.

In the second room of the shop, one corner is devoted almost entirely to our rather extensive collection of Noro yarns. Kureyon, Silk Garden, Iro, Yuzen, Maiko, Taiyo, Kochoran… the list goes on. From fingering weight up through bulky, with fibers from wool and angora to cotton and silk, there are many kinds of Noro … [more]