Back in stock: Harmony Farm Candles.

As the weather finally starts to cool down and the leaves change color, we are now truly feeling that fall is underway. It’s a time for stitching, to be sure, and evenings with yarn in our hands are often accompanied by flickering candles in scents that evoke the season.¬†Our friend Erin is the maker behind Harmony Farm Candles in nearby Mebane, NC, and we’ve just had a visit with her this week, which means – more candles!

Lately, I’ve been burning her Rosemary scent at home in the evenings, sometimes simultaneously with Fall Foliage. The combination is woodsy and green, a cozy scent that doesn’t overwhelm my small space; lighting candles is a small indulgence I relish, a nice accompaniment to a spot of knitting.

Mulled Cider and Fall Foliage have been big sellers this season – this is our third batch, in fact! Hurry in if you’re a fan of these scents, as this is the last we’ll get in until next year. We also have a big stack of Wintergreen on our shelves, a perfect pine scent that many of you have been clamoring for since last winter.

We also added a new scent this week, the bright and sweet Grapefruit.

As gifts, these candles are always warmly-received; keep them in mind for holiday and host gifts, birthdays, and the odd just-thinking-of-you occasion. Look for Harmony Farm Candles in our gifts section!

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