HYS Wrist Rulers.

The holidays are coming, and one of last year’s most popular gifts is back in stock, with a twist – check out our new blue Wrist Rulers!

Wrist Rulers are leather bracelets engraved with inches and centimeters, handmade in Portland, Oregon. These leather wrist rulers are beautiful and practical, a winning combination in our book.

We have three lengths available, to wrap twice around a variety of wrist sizes – 14″, 15″, and 16″. To choose a size, loosely wrap a measuring tape twice around your wrist, then add an inch, and pick the length closest to that number. They’re blue, to match our exclusive Malabrigo colorway, and they have something special engraved on the back…

Look for Wrist Rulers near our notions section here at the shop! Our shelves are brimming with potential gifts – think Harmony Farm CandlesCocoknits Maker’s KeepsAkerworks Swatch Gauges and Knitting Tool Kits, HYS zipper pouches, Baggu totes, and of course, good old Gift Certificates. Thanks for shopping locally this holiday season, and for thinking of our shop as a gift source!

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