Helen Hamann scarf kits.

The season of shop sample knitting continues unabated. As soon as the Linen Stitch Scarf sample was completed, I cast on for this next piece, a sample to show off two new things at once. The yarn is a new dk weight washable merino from Plymouth, and the pattern, Retro Scarf, is one we have both on its own and as a kit from designer Helen Hamann. Because of the scarf’s interesting construction, I thought I’d better show it in progress as well as finished. As of today, I’m about halfway done, and it looks like this:

Those three long strips will one day be braided, then joined together for a stretch, then separated again at the other end of the scarf. Interesting, no? The yarn is a pleasure to work with, a springy merino with excellent stitch definition.

I’d love to see the Retro Scarf made up in Helen Hamann’s alpaca yarn, for which the pattern is written–I bet that would make a lovely scarf. Check out the kits for yourself, if this project appeals, or if you’d rather substitute yarn, as I did for this sample, I’d be happy to show you a few options.

See you at the shop!

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