Tokyo Shawl.

A new knit sample appeared on our wall the other day, an eye-catching shawl that Rosi has been working on for quite some time: Marianne Isager’s “Tokyo Shawl.”

“Tokyo Shawl” is a geometric striped shawl knit with Isager Spinni and Alpaca 1 yarns. The Spinni colors change from stripe to stripe, but the Alpaca 1 remains the same, muting and complicating whatever shade of Spinni it’s held with.

Marianne Isager’s “Tokyo Shawl” comes exclusively in kits, in three colorways: “Light,” “Medium,” and “Dark.” Rosi’s sample, shown here, is the “Dark” colorway, an intriguing blend of heathered charcoal and deep jewel tones, with a pop of salmon orange and red.

Come by the shop to admire this shawl and get a tangible sense of what’s possible when you combine yarns and colors. We have all three shades of the “Tokyo Shawl” kit in stock now, too!

See you at the shop!

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