Amirisu, Issue 15.

The latest issue of Amirisu is here!

Amirisu is a bilingual knitting magazine from Japan, each issue filled with patterns, articles, and interviews. Amirisu provides a glimpse into the textile and knitting culture of Japan, though fiber artists and knitwear designers from around the world are featured.

Texture is the theme of this issue, and color has been set aside for the moment – all of the patterns are knit up in black, white, and shades of gray.

As a result, this issue of Amirisu is cool and refined, sometimes stark in high contrast and sometimes subtle in muted gray.

Brooklyn Tweed Arbor makes an appearance in Amy van de Laar’s “Anagram Hat & Wrap,” an excellent choice for intricate texture patterns like this due to its smooth texture and sharp stitch definition.

Look for Amirisu on the teacart here at the shop, which is quickly filling with all manner of new books and magazines!

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