By Hand Lookbook No. 8: Colorado’s Front Range.

The latest volume of By Hand is here!

By Hand is a series of lookbooks where each issue focuses on a city or region. The subject matter is the makers of that community, the designers, hand-dyers, yarn companies, and fiber artists that both shape and draw inspiration from the place they call home.

The focus of this issue is Colorado’s Front Range, and the quilters, designers, yarn shop owners, and dyers who live and work there.

Among many names that were new to me, I spotted a couple of familiar ones, like Schacht Spindle Co., who have been designing and producing handweaving and handspinning equipment in Colorado since 1969. They make spinning wheels, yarn winding tools, and all kinds of looms, from the smaller Zoom Looms and Cricket Looms that we carry here at the shop to magnificent table and floor looms.

Designer, author, and editor Ann Budd is profiled, too – we recently restocked her indispensable Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements, a pamphlet that helps us each day to answer the question “How much yarn do I need?”

Along with maker profiles, By Hand also features knitting patterns, recipes, and other crafty projects. So many of us partake in a variety of handiwork, though we may call one or another a favorite; it’s nice to see a diversity of interests on display in this publication.

You’ll find By Hand on the teacart here at the shop. Come by to pick up a copy and indulge in a bit of armchair travel!


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