We’ve been anxiously awaiting our new Fall yarns, which should start arriving any minute now, but the deliveries this week have been small–one magazine after another, it seems!


Our third new magazine this week is CrochetScene, a special issue packed with crochet projects: bags, shawls, vests, lace tops, skirts, pillows, baskets, and more.



The lacy poncho above was crocheted with Fibre Company Meadow, making a lightweight openwork fabric.


For new crocheters, there’s a tutorial showing how to make one of the most fundamental crochet motifs, the granny square, followed by a series of patterns that riff on this simple shape.


Crocheters and crocheters-to-be, come take a look at this new magazine for project ideas!


If you’re inspired to learn to crochet but don’t know where to start, look no further than our class schedule; we’ve got a Beginning Crochet class coming up in September. See you at the shop!

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