Back in October, Interweave published a special issue called knit.wear, filled with simple cardigans, pullovers, and vests. Anne and I loved the look of it, as did many of you. This week, knit.wear is back with a new issue for Spring 2012.


This issue of knit.wear boasts accessories along with the garments; cowls, hats, and legwarmers to go with shrugs, tanks, and jackets. The projects are divided up by the techniques they use, like ruching, twisted fabric, or seamless construction.

There’s also a short-row tutorial, and an excerpt from the fabulous Pop Knitting, by Britt-Marie Christoffersson, which I wrote about last month when it arrived at the shop. It’s another beautiful collection of knits, so if you liked knit.wear last year, come by the shop to check out this latest edition! You’ll find it surrounded by the latest books and magazines on the teacart.

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