Pom Pom Quarterly: Winter 2017.

The Winter 2017 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly is here!

Patterns in this issue are inspired by geometric and geologic forms, which these designers have interpreted using a variety of techniques.

The beautiful cover sweater is made with Isager Highland, and the graphic hat below is made with Brooklyn Tweed Arbor.

Pom Pom columnist Anna Maltz shares her thoughts on the endless variety that makes up the world of knitting – so many ways to do each and every technique, so many differing approaches and attitudes towards every aspect of the craft, and none of them wrong.

“It’s easy to default into thinking other people know better,” she writes. “If you find yourself heading that way, stop and acknowledge that what you know has value. … The important thing is to feel satisfied.” This sentiment resonates with me, and it’s one I try to summon as I answer common yarn shop questions like, “Which needle is better?” or “Do I have to rip this out?” or “What’s the best way to cast on?”

Pom Pom is always as full of good reading as it is eye candy – another essay shares strategies for color selection, and their recipe this issue is a tantalizingly colorful winter salad.

Look for this issue of Pom Pom on the teacart here at the shop, which is brimming with new books and magazines. See you there!

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