Back in stock: the Lilly Brush.

One of our favorite tools is back in stock: the Lilly Brush.


The Lilly Brush is not a glamorous tool, but a practical one, a brush designed to remove pills from knitted fabric. The bristles on the Lilly Brush pick up stray fibers and pills as you brush it across your garment. Since pilling is inevitable for nearly all knitted garments, our best defense against them is removing them once they arise, and the Lilly Brush is the gentlest effective tool we’ve seen for that job.


The folks at Lilly Brush must know what a great stocking stuffer they’ve made, for they sent this wee stocking along with our most recent order.


Notebooks, notions, tool cases, and yarn holders also make lovely gifts, and don’t forget that HYS Gift Certificates are available, in the shop as well as through our website. Come by the shop to pick up Lilly Brushes for the sweater makers and wearers in your life, and peruse all the other gift-worthy items on our shelves while you’re at it!

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