From Lantern Moon.

Recently, we replenished our supply of yarn-out boxes and other goodies from Lantern Moon, a company that supports artisans in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bali, Indonesia. Their handcrafted tools and accessories are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, perfectly suited to knitters and crocheters, who seem to love their tools along with their craft.

photo (5)

These silken cubes open up to hold your yarn as you work from it, keeping it safe from rolling away or becoming a pet’s plaything while you’re stitching.

photo (6)

The Lantern Moon sheep stitch markers have been such a hit that this time, we ordered a menagerie of markers: squirrels, butterflies, ladybugs, and scottie dogs, along with the sheep.

photo (8)

Sheep adorn these embroidered drawstring project bags, as well. Look for them hanging in the front window of the shop.

photo (7)

You may have seen cable needles and repair hooks from Lantern Moon at the shop before, made of ebony and rosewood. These FeatherLight hooks and needles are made in the same style out of a lighter weight, sustainably-produced wood. Give them a try if your metal or plastic cable needles prove too slippery; wooden tools tend to hold onto stitches more readily.

Come by the shop for tools and accessories as well as for yarn, patterns, and inspiration. See you there!

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