New buttons.

We have a small selection of buttons here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, a curated couple of shelves in the front room by the window filled with clear plastic tubes, a sample button affixed to each top.

Buttons can be functional or decorative, and our selection covers both possibilities. Every now and then we add a few new buttons, and last week was one such occasion.

We noted a lack of brightly-colored buttons for baby and children’s garments, and filled the void with the round ones you see above and the sweet stars pictured below.

Anne recently knit two pairs of Churchmouse “Welted Fingerless Gloves,” both with Brooklyn Tweed Arbor. The simple design is a nice one to embellish with tiny buttons, and pearly ones seem to match every possible color, so we brought in a few more options with that use in mind.

Not all button choices are so strategic, however; some come from simple preference. Anne and I share a fondness for wooden buttons, and these square ones caught our eye, so they found a way into our most recent button order.

Next time your project wants buttons, remember our little button section. See you at the shop!

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