Reorganizing the pattern binders.

About a year ago, I wrote about our collection of single-pattern binders. What I said then is just as true now: they are a great resource for those seeking just one pattern, rather than a book. When you want to make a hat, but you’re not interested in making twenty hats, a single pattern is an economical choice. With this in mind, I’ve been reorganizing the pattern binders, that they might become easier to navigate.

I’ve taken the patterns out of their big heavy binders, sorted them, and divided them up into smaller binders. Where once there was a “Hats and Gloves” binder, there’s now one marked “Hats” and another marked “Mittens, Gloves, and Fingerless Mitts.” The two overstuffed “Babies” binders have become “Baby Sweaters,” “Baby Accessories,” “Children’s Sweaters,” and “Children’s Toys.” Most satisfying to my organizing impulse: the giant, heavy “Socks” binder has been divided into “Basic Cuff-Down Socks,” “Patterned Cuff-Down Socks,” and “Toe-Up Socks.”

We even sorted out the crochet patterns and gave them their own binder.

Next time you’re seeking a new project, don’t forget to flip through the pattern binders!

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