A surprise from Berroco.

I was surprised to see a box from Berroco this past week. A box of yarn is no surprise at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, of course, but this particular box made me think to myself: Wait. What did we order from Berroco again? But look what we discovered upon opening said box!

Not yarn at all, but a new sample to display in the shop. This incredible afghan is knit from a book called Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans, by Norah Gaughan, Margery Winter, and the Berroco Design Team. If you’re looking for a copy, we keep them in a stack near the Shenandoe Farm yarn.
The pattern is “Aran,” by Norah Gaughan, and it’s made out of Berroco Comfort, a yarn that we don’t carry, though we do carry many other Berroco yarns. As I explained in an earlier post, we’re all about yarn substitution, so if you’d like to knit a blanket from this book, don’t fret about the absence of this particular yarn. We have so many wonderful yarns to choose from, and we’d be happy to help you find one that suits your pattern.

Such a pretty thing, no? Come in to the shop to cuddle and admire this new addition to our collection of samples.

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