Nautilus tam.

Last week, we got our biggest shipment of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knit One, Knit All, the shipment that is sure to keep the book safely in stock. We also got two giant boxes of Malabrigo. Anne noticed that we didn’t have a swatch of the Malabrigo Rios, and as I got to work winding a skein, she put the two together. Why not knit a hat from the new EZ book as our Rios sample?

It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.

I cast on for the cover project, the Chambered Nautilus Tam, in a dark blue-green colorway of Rios called Azul Profundo. If you’ve seen me at the shop lately, this is what I’ve been working on, stopping every so often to lay it flat on my lap, petting the squishy garter-stitch-and-icord fabric, admiring the spiral construction, the way the shifting shades of teal are evenly distributed due to the short rows. This is such a fun knit. In the first seven stitches, I had already learned something new: a built-in icord edging. It is such a pleasure to cast on for a new Elizabeth Zimmermann project, and to daydream about what I will knit next from the book.

So tell me, dear readers, if you’re out there: what are you knitting lately? And if Knit One, Knit All has caught your eye, which patterns have you itching to cast on?


  1. >You do have readers out here. I'm checking your blog frequently and feeling very inspired. I'm in a cow milking phase of life which limits my knitting – too much hand work. Being able to read here keeps me dreaming about future projects.

    The shop is looking beautiful and the blog is a great showcase for it.

  2. Julia on said:

    >Thanks so much for peeking in at the shop through the blog! And we'll look forward to seeing you again when your cow-milking days wane and your needles are dusted off.

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