(More) new shelves.

Yes, we’re at it again. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that we’re always at it, where “it” is “rearranging shelves and their contents in a constant attempt to better arrange the shop.” We are blessed with an enormous collection of fibers, such that we must use every square inch of our shop to store and display them. When last I reported changes in shop setup, we had added two new shelves and given the cotton tree a new home in the corner. We admired and enjoyed the new configuration for about a week before we started to wonder if more shelves would make it even better. Anne ordered two more shelves, which were assembled and moved into the shop early this week.

Our goal is to get baskets of yarn off of the floor and onto shelves, where they are more easily seen. The two newest shelves are steps in that direction.

We also moved many of our silk yarns into the second room, where they live by the Malabrigo shelf. Aren’t they a pretty pair, the silks and Malabrigo yarns?

Yes, we’re satisfied with this latest development. For now! You can expect nothing less than constant change here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, whether it’s new yarn, new books, new classes, or new shelves. We aim to always improve.

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