Shibui Mix Party.

On Sunday, we hosted a Shibui Mix Party. We currently stock three Shibui yarns, but we offered our Mix Party attendees the opportunity to sample and place special orders for any and all nine of the beautiful yarns that Shibui produces.


In between sips of mimosas and bites of bagels, knitters and crocheters worked up swatches in all manner of Shibui yarns and yarn combinations, sharing pattern ideas as they stitched.



Garments from the Shibui Trunk Show were passed around, tried on, and petted, and we all had a good time putting color combinations together for some of Shibui’s beautiful patterns.



So many amazing projects were planned, garments and accessories alike–I am so looking forward to seeing them emerge, stitch by stitch!


It was a delightful morning, spent chatting and laughing with a great group of people, enjoying each other’s company as much as the yarns. Come by the shop to check out the Shibui Cima, Pebble, and Silk Cloud that we currently have in stock. Stay tuned for more yarn tastings –and more from Shibui– in the future!


  1. Jo Ann Murray on said:

    Just spent a rainy afternoon in the shop and felt at home, or I should say Paradise surrounded by all the yarn and patterns. I love the store and the friendly worker, who helped in any way she could with my questions. Thanks for being in Hillsborough!

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