To market we go.

This morning, Anne and Rosi and I gathered at the shop, piled into the car, and set off for Columbus, Ohio, headed for The National NeedleArts Trade Show. We knit as we traveled, chatted, and peered out the window at the fields, trees, rivers and mountains we passed.

“What do you think will be this year’s find?” we asked one another, anxious to see the newest yarns, colorways, accessories, and designs. “I’m so excited!” and “I can’t wait to see Julia’s face” were common refrains from the front seat, while I sat in the back and tried to imagine a convention center packed with knitters, crocheters, and yarn aplenty. Never have I attended such an event; I can hardly wait to be as overwhelmed as they tell me I’ll be.

And now we’re here, peeking out at the city from our hotel room, looking forward to the show. I’ll report back again tomorrow after my first class!

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