Another new magazine has found its way to the shop, with even more warm-weather knitting inspiration! Here’s a peek inside the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of knit.purl.


Knit.purl is an Interweave publication focused on simplicity and sophistication in handknitting.


It was once known as knit.wear, and though the name has changed, the content is much the same: thoughtful, wearable, modern knits, and tutorials to help make them.


I spotted an asymmetric tank knit in Fibre Company Savannah in this collection of wave-inspired garments. Savannah is a perfect yarn for Spring and Summer projects, a well-balanced blend of plant and animal fibers both light and elastic, and Quenna Lee’s “Meandering Top” is a great use for it.


Come by the shop to plan your next project and browse the latest periodicals and publications. We hope you find inspiration here!


Hello, Handwoven.

We’re delighted to announce that we now carry Handwoven Magazine!


Handwoven is an Interweave publication dedicated to handweaving in its many forms, and on many kinds of looms. Inside you’ll find articles on particular techniques and weaving traditions from around the world, along with projects that put those techniques and traditions to work.


I was pleased to see that the cover project uses UKI Supreme 8/2 unmercerized cotton yarn, which we’ll happily special order in whatever colors you like; come by to see the color card! We keep a selection of UKI Supreme mercerized cotton mini-cones in stock in 10/2, 5/2, and 3/2 weights.


Weavers and weavers-to-be, check out Handwoven Magazine next time you’re here at the shop! We hope you find inspiration here.

For crocheters.

The last couple of weeks have seen a trio of new publications for crocheters here at the shop.


The Spring 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet features a range of projects, from blankets and bags to sweaters and skirts.


Kristin Omdahl’s Crochet So Lovely is all about crocheted lace. She covers lace motifs and allover lace patterns, as well as how to achieve a lacy look by playing with gauge.


I spotted some familiar yarns in this book in the form of two tunics: one in Fibre Company Meadow, and another in Alchemy Silken Straw, pictured above.


Boho Crochet is a colorful collection of crocheted home goods and accessories. It looks like a great source of patterns and inspiration for crocheters of all levels, with guidance to help beginners make sense of unfamiliar stitches and techniques.


Come by the shop to browse the latest books and magazines, and pick one or two for your own crochet library! See you there.


Interweave Knits.

Spring knit and crochet magazines always seem to arrive just as winter is hitting its stride, an irony that strikes me every year. With a layer of wintry mix on the ground outside, I sit down to write about the newest in warm-weather knitting. Interweave Knits Spring 2015 is here!


Spring is a season of layering, when a chilly morning may turn into a warm, sunny day. Lightweight cardigans, tees, and shawls are common garments in this issue, reflecting our seasonal needs.


This shawl is made in the soft and lofty Shibui Maai, a chain-plied blend of merino and alpaca.


I also spotted a tutorial on knitted-on edgings, a handy guide for many shawls in this issue and beyond.


Look for Spring knitting inspiration at the shop, but if the weather’s iffy, check our website or Facebook page first; we post there if we have to close the shop due to inclement weather.

More for crocheters.

It’s rare that a week goes by without a new magazine or book popping up here at the shop. This week, our three newest publications are all for crocheters: one book and two magazines.


Brenda K.B. Anderson’s Crochet Ever After is a whimsical collection of crochet projects inspired by classic fairy tales.


Patterns for scarves, cowls, slippers, bags, and more are grouped by the kind of characters that inspired them: heroines, fairy princesses, witches, and the like.


Crocheted sock patterns can sometimes be hard to find; flipping through Crochet Ever After, I spotted this handsome pair, made with longtime HYS favorite, Malabrigo Sock, a springy fingering weight merino in beautiful hand-dyed colorways.



The current issue of Interweave Crochet has plenty of sweaters inside, just the kind of project you might like to hunker down with this winter.

DSCN3988Rohn Strong’s top-down “Frisco Cardi” is also made with Malabrigo Sock, making for a lightweight garment.


Make It! Crochet is a new Interweave publication, filled with small projects that are friendly and accessible for beginner crocheters: hats, scarves, and the like.



Make It! Crochet also features a helpful article on crochet symbols and stitch diagrams, which can sometimes feel like a hurdle to reading crochet patterns. Don’t let them intimidate you–let this article be your guide.


Come by the shop to peruse these latest crochet resources, along with our ever-growing collection of knitting magazines and books. See you there!

Interweave Knits.


The Winter 2015 issue of Interweave Knits is here, full of the cozy-looking garments and accessories we associate with the season.

DSCN3886 DSCN3885

There’s a feature in this issue on the best yarns for fair isle knitting, along with a tutorial on steeking. Many knitters cringe at the thought of cutting their knitting, but if you plan ahead, steeks are nothing to be afraid of.

DSCN3889 DSCN3887

Look for this issue of Interweave on the teacart in the front room, just ahead as you enter the shop. You’ll find it among the newest books and magazines, a great place to look for knit and crochet inspiration. See you there!

New books.

It’s been a busy season for new books here at the shop. Every couple of days, I find myself once again rearranging the teacart to make room for another stack of books.


The folks at Interweave have been particularly hard at work this fall, publishing a wide range of knitting books.



Some focus on particular styles or themes, like First Frost, Graphic Knits, and Knitting Wizardry, while others dive into a single technique or kind of garment, like No-Sew KnitsTwigg Stitch, and Fresh Knitted Accessories.




We also recently received Margaret Radcliffe’s newest book, The Knowledgeable Knitter, a compendium of tips and tricks for every stage of the knitting process. Radcliffe takes you from thoughtful pattern-, yarn-, and needle-selection to modification, fit, and finishing.


Come by the shop to browse our ever-growing book selection and pick a new title for yourself or for a friend–books do make excellent gifts, after all. We’re offering a special 15% discount on all in-stock books and magazines during Ladies Night Out this Thursday, November 20th, and we’ll be open til 8:00 pm that night. Many other Hillsborough merchants and restaurants will have specials that night as well; come out and explore downtown Hillsborough!


Vogue Knitting and Interweave Crochet Home.

The winter magazines are still pouring in, and the two latest are Vogue Knitting and Interweave Crochet Home.


Vogue Knitting features patterns for cold-weather garments and accessories, along with a brioche lace tutorial from Nancy Marchant.

DSCN3808 DSCN3806

I always like to see what Meg Swansen’s Vogue column covers; this issue, it’s provisional cast-ons, a handy technique.



Interweave Crochet Home is a special issue on crocheted home accessories, from blankets and pillows to coasters, placemats, baskets, and more.

DSCN3833 DSCN3834

Knitting and crochet make very different fabrics, and in many cases, I think crochet is particularly well-suited to home goods. It can be sturdy and structural–essential for something like a rug–and tends to go somewhat faster than knitting, making a big project like blankets or curtains less daunting.

DSCN3836 DSCN3835

Come by the shop to see these and other new magazines! See you there.

Interweave Crochet, and a few new books.

The Fall 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet is here!


In this issue, you’ll find garments and accessories that use many different crochet colorwork methods. The patterns within are decorated with all manner of stripes, intarsia, tapestry crochet, and Tunisian stranded colorwork.



There’s also a handy article on colorwork management, teaching how to work with multiple colors at once–a must for many of these patterns.

DSCN3543Look to the teacart at the shop for the latest crochet books and magazines, but don’t stop there; we have plenty of older titles on the bookshelf with patterns, techniques, and other inspiration. For example, we recently added this trio of crochet booklets for children’s garments, noticing a gap between our baby and adult patterns.


Megan Kreiner’s Bathtime Buddies also arrived at the shop recently, filled with patterns for crocheted sea creatures. If stitching toys and stuffed animals is right up your alley, be sure to check this one out, along with our other amigurumi books.


Browse them all at the shop!

Brioche and lace: two new books.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for new books! Here are two of the latest publications from Interweave, each one focused on a single technique.


Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark’s Brioche Chic offers 22 garment and accessory patterns for men and women, all of which include brioche knitting.


Brioche is a lofty, stretchy fabric that can look like plush ribbing in its simplest form, and like twisting, multicolored cables or lace when modified or combined with other techniques.

DSCN3593My favorite in this collection: “Chevron Deep-V Pullover,” knit in Fibre Company Acadia.


If you’ve never tried brioche, this book is a great place to start, and its sure to keep you interested long after you’ve mastered the basics of the technique.


Everyday Lace, by Heather Zoppetti, is all about incorporating lace patterns into wearable, non-fussy garments. Inside, you’ll find patterns for sweaters of all shapes: tunics, vests, shrugs, pullovers, cardigans, and some accessories, too.


I spotted a few garments in familiar yarns. The “Kirkwood Vest” above is knit in Malabrigo Silky Merino, and the “Bellemont Cardigan” below is knit in Swans Island Organic Merino Worsted.


Come by the shop to find inspiration in a book or two, and plan your next project!