SWTC’s Karaoke has been in our sale trunk for a little while now, but I only recently got around to knitting a swatch with it. My little stockinette swatch was so pleasant, and the color changes so enticingly long, that I decided to make it the center of a log cabin square, knitting until the ball of yarn ran out.

What fun color-changing yarn is! And how soothingly simple a log cabin square, particularly one whose particular dimensions are unimportant. I simply bound off one side and picked up the next whenever I felt like it, making some panels wider and others narrower.

If you’ve been curious how Karaoke knit up, you can find my sample/square/swatch tucked into the sale trunk, along with several other tempting yarns at reduced prices. See you at the shop!

Mission Falls: on sale!

UPDATE: As of 11/19/2014, we are totally sold out of Mission Falls yarns!


We’re sad to report that Mission Falls is discontinuing its classic 1824 Wool and 1824 Cotton yarns. We’re happy, though, to report that those two yarns are now on sale!

The 1824 Wool is a worsted weight superwash merino, notable for its plush softness and its many-hued color palette. I’ve knit several baby sweaters and one adult sweater out of this wonderful yarn and thus, can happily vouch for it. Very nice stuff, and I’m sorry to see it go. As of today: it’s just $5 a ball.

The 1824 Cotton is also a worsted weight (“1824” signifies 18 stitches per inch and 24 rows per inch–a solid worsted weight gauge), but one with a distinctive bumpy texture. Like the wool, it comes in a beautiful, subtle range of colors. It’s wonderful for baby things and washcloths alike. As of today: it’s just $4.75 a ball.

The Mission Falls yarns still live in their usual homes in the shop, and we still have plenty in the back room if you need more for a bigger project. Come snatch up what’s left of our Mission Falls stash!

The trunk.

There’s a trunk in front of Anne’s desk, at the back of the shop, with its lid propped open to reveal what’s inside. Surprise: there’s yarn in there. But not just any yarn: sale yarn.

Every once in a while, we have to face the fact that we must make room for new acquisitions. In order to make that room, something has to go. There are a variety of tempting yarns in the trunk. Self-patterning sock yarn by ONline, worsted weight wools from Mountain Colors and dk weight wools from Cleckheaton, Sarek, a super-bulky self striping wool, and assorted others, all marked down from their original price. We also have back issues of various knitting and crochet magazines tucked in there, also on sale, or free with a purchase of $25 or more.

This week we added SWTC Karaoke, a 50/50 soy and wool blend. Some colorways are solid, some are self-striping. Check out some of the 1,855 projects on Ravelry using Karaoke and see if you aren’t convinced to come in and snag some at $6, down from $9. Keep your eye on the sale trunk, friends. The yarn is still good, we just need to make some room in here.