Shibui Sample of the Month: Sunstone Cowl.

Happy to report that we’ve just received a new Shibui Sample of the Month! We usually offer a 10% discount on Shibui yarns featured in our monthly sample, but during July, everything is 15% off – even better!

This month’s Shibui sample is the “Sunstone Cowl,” knit with just one skein of Shibui Lunar. This textured cowl is long and narrow, but knit in a slinky lace weight yarn like Lunar, it’s designed to slouch down around one’s neck rather than to cling.

We’ll have the “Sunstone Cowl” on display through August 12th, but come by the shop during July to get everything in stock at 15% off!

Just a reminder – all sales are final on discounted items; there can be no exchanges or returns. Thanks!

Pom Pom Quarterly: Summer 2018.

The Summer 2018 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly is here!

The theme of this issue is stripes, and the garments within show how many possibilities lie in this simplest of patterns.

Paula Pereira’s “Herrera” top is knit with Shibui Reed, a fingering weight linen perfectly-suited to roomy, lightweight summer garments.

Pom Pom columnist and designer Anna Maltz has a piece on the history of stripes; look for her book, Marlisle, here at the shop for more stripes, chevrons, and other colorwork patterns!

Look for Pom Pom on the teacart here at the shop, which is brimming with new books and magazines. This issue is already selling quickly, so if you’re anxious to get your hands on it, consider calling ahead and having us put your name on a copy.

See you at the shop!

Show and tell: Hitofude.

Amy has now taught her “Hitofude” cardigan class three times at our shop, and has just begun a fourth. With an unusual construction and a repetitive lace motif, Hiroko Fukatsu’s “Hitofude” is a gracefully draped garment that many knitters have been drawn to. So far, we’ve seen five finished garments come out of these classes, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Above is Amy’s own “Hitofude,” knit with Shibui Staccato. The combination of silk and superwash merino means drape and shine, both of which bring elegance to this piece.

Many of Amy’s students chose Staccato for their “Hitofude” cardigans; here’s Jane in hers.

Jane lengthened the sleeves and the body of the sweater for exactly the fit she wanted, and it came out just right.

Margie made similar modifications, but used Fibre Company Cumbria Fingering, a wool/mohair blend with more structure and less drape than Staccato. It makes a more substantial garment appropriate for fall and winter, and Margie is happy with the results.

Pam used Madeline Tosh Merino Light for her sweater, which looks springy and playful in a tonally variegated chartreuse. It’s not a yarn we carry at the shop, but Malabrigo Mechita is similar – a hand-dyed, single ply, superwash merino.

This group photo shows Linda, second from the left, in her “Hitofude,” knit with Shibui Staccato. She kept the original sleeve and body length of the pattern for a slightly cropped silhouette. It’s amazing what an impact these slight differences can have from one garment to the next, even with the same pattern – we love seeing knitters in self-made sweaters that reflect their preferences and show off their skills!

Thanks to these knitters for sharing their work with us, and especially for participating in classes here at the shop. We feel so lucky to have such talented teachers on our team, and students who are excited to learn more about their craft. I’m so looking forward to seeing more “Hitofude” cardigans as they’re completed!

Shibui Limited Edition Color: Petal.

Shibui has just released their first-ever Limited Edition Color, and we’re delighted to have it on our shelves now!

Petal is the shade, a bright pink that’s just right for the season.

Petal comes in nine of Shibui’s yarns: lace weight Lunar, Pebble, Cima, and Silk Cloud, fingering weight Reed and Staccato, sport weight Twig and Fern, and DK weight Rain.

With so many yarns, there are lots of ways to get a bit of Petal onto your needles; for an accessory, consider “Crete” in Twig and Lunar, “Oasis” in Fern, “Multigrain” in Silk Cloud, Cima, and Pebble, or “Torrent” in Rain, all of which are free when you buy the Shibui yarns to make them.

There’s also the brand new “Ossa,” a shawl designed specifically for Petal in Pebble and Silk Cloud.

Come by the shop soon to see Petal for yourself, and plan your next project!

Shibui Trunk Show: Spring/Summer 2018.

Our walls are newly decorated with an exciting Shibui Trunk Show! We’ll have 8 garments from their Spring/Summer 2018 pattern collection on display here at the shop until Sunday, May 20th, 2018.

Earlier in the Spring, Shibui released three new colors, Bone, Shore, and White, and the whole show is knit up in a combination of those three – a striking collection.

As ever, Shibui loves to combine yarns, often two strands at a time for unique fiber blends.

There’s some of that in this collection, but you’ll also find two yarns used separately within the same garment – a tank knit with Fern but trimmed in Silk Cloud, for example.

The following Shibui yarns are featured in this collection: Lunar, Silk Cloud, Cima, Reed, Fern, Twig, and Rain. All of the above are 10% off during the show, so come by and see it soon to take advantage of the discount!

See you at the shop!

A reminder: all sales are final on discounted yarn. There can be no returns or exchanges, nor special orders–the discount applies only to what we currently have in stock. Thanks! 

Shibui Sample of the Month: Dynamic Trio.

May is here, and with it, a new Shibui Sample of the Month! We offer a 10% discount on Shibui yarn purchased for our featured sample til the end of the month.

This month’s sample is “Dynamic Trio,” by Joji Locatelli, an asymmetric triangular shawl in three colors, decorated with chevrons and garter stitch stripes.

This “Dynamic Trio” was knit with Shibui Lunar held double throughout. Lunar is a lace weight blend of merino and silk, soft and lustrous for an elegant fabric.

Come by the shop to before May 31st to see “Dynamic Trio” and get Shibui Lunar at 10% off to make one of your own!

Just a reminder–all sales are final on discounted items; there can be no exchanges, returns, or special orders. Thanks!

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 6: Transparency.

The sixth installment of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide series is here! Let’s take a peek inside.

Ann Shayne and Kaye Gardiner’s series of Field Guides are pocket-sized booklets focused on a particular theme or knitting technique. The theme here is transparency, a quality that admittedly, may not be among the first we think of when we think about knitting.

But transparency plays a role in lace knitting, and also in loose gauges, and on a metaphorical level, in visible mending.

As in every Field Guide, Ann and Kaye’s ruminations on the topic at hand are featured, but they’ve also brought designer Amy Christoffers in for a few patterns. This Anni Albers inspired wrap uses yarn-mixing to suggest transparency, and what better yarn for yarn-mixing than Shibui? Pebble and Reed are shown here in a beachy colorway of grays, beige, and blue.

Look for the Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 6 on our teacart, with the latest books and magazines. See you at the shop!

Shibui Sample of the Month: Comfort Zone.

April is here, and with it, a new Shibui Sample of the Month! We offer a 10% discount on Shibui yarn purchased for our featured sample til the end of the month.

This month’s sample is “Comfort Zone,” by Elizabeth Smith, a striped garter stitch wrap with a ribbed edge.

“Comfort Zone” is knit with four shades of Shibui Drift, a worsted weight blend of 85% extra fine merino wool and 15% cashmere.

Come by the shop to before April 29th to see “Comfort Zone” and get Shibui Drift at 10% off to make one of your own!

Just a reminder–all sales are final on discounted items; there can be no exchanges, returns, or special orders. Thanks!

HYS Colorwork Trunk Show.

One of our special attractions for this year’s Triangle Yarn Crawl is a collection of garments made by knitters in our community – folks who work, teach, and shop here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. The theme is colorwork, interpreted somewhat broadly to include not only fair isle, but also intarsia, double knitting, brioche, log cabin and short-row-shaped patterns made with self-striping yarns.

It’s an inspiring group – come by the shop during the Triangle Yarn Crawl to see the following garments:

  • Log cabin blanket, based on Sarah Bradberry’s “Log Cabin Square,” knit with Noro Kureyon and Plymouth Galway. Made by Rosi, who works at our shop most Sundays.
  • “Rionnag Cowl,” by Kerry Bullock-Ozkan, a local designer who knit this piece with Tukuwool Fingering.

We’ve also pulled together some of our tried and true colorwork samples from around the shop – Anne’s “Candy Darling” in Fibre Company Arranmore Light, Amy’s “First Footing” in Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift and “Mix No. 23” in Shibui Cima, my “Cliff Hat” in Shibui Pebble, “Autumn Tam” in Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, and “2 Color Cotton Cowl” in Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply.

It’s so exciting to see this riot of color covering our walls – many thanks to the talented knitters who lent their garments to this show!

New colors from Shibui.

This spring, Shibui introduced a new yarn, Fern, but they also added three new colors to nearly every line of yarn they make. First is White, a brighter white than Shibui’s existing Ivory.

You can see from the photo above that White varies from yarn to yarn, looking bleached and bright in Rain and Lunar, but somewhat creamier in Silk Cloud, Twig, and Cima – it always fascinates me to see how different fibers take the dye, or in this case, its absence. Many Shibui patterns call for two yarns held together, where these subtle differences will blend in interesting ways.

Next is Bone, a warm off-white. With the variation across yarns, it’s a little tricky to distinguish White from Bone in these photos, but it’s much more clear when you separate them by yarn type.

Here are all three new colors in Twig, with Shore at the very top – a clear sky blue.

Since we sort our yarns by gauge here at the shop, you’ll find these new colors sprinkled all around. Look for Pebble, Cima, Silk Cloud, and Lunar in the lace weight corner, Reed and Staccato in fingering weight cubbies, Twig and Fern in the sport weight section, and Rain hanging on the DK tree.

See you at the shop!