Back in stock: Classy mini-skeins.

Back in August, we got a bundle of mini-skeins from Dream in Color and a fun, simple pattern to go with: the “Technicolor Cowl.” We all had fun putting wild colorways together, and before we knew it, they were sold out. I’m happy to report that we were finally able to get Dream in Color Classy mini-skeins back in stock!


Dream in Color Classy is a worsted weight superwash merino, hand-dyed in Chicago, IL. Each of these mini-skeins comes with about 50 yards of yarn.


Nancy Leuer’s “Technicolor Cowl” calls for 8 mini-skeins.


We’ve seen so many kinds of color combinations made from these mini-skeins, and they all look great. Some are gradients, pulling¬†8 shades from one or two color families. Some are brightly colored, with high contrast shades side by side in each¬†stripe. Some feature duplicate skeins of one main color studded with only a few contrasting shades, for a less colorful but no less interesting look.


Come by the shop to put together a “Technicolor Cowl” colorway of your own!

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