Hello, Shibui Lunar.

Shibui’s newest yarn is here! Meet Lunar.

Lunar is a shiny lace weight blend of 60% extrafine merino wool and 40% Mulberry silk. Each 50 gram skein boasts 401 yards, enough for a good-sized scarf or cowl; just two or three skeins is plenty for a shawl.

Shibui yarns are designed for mixing together, two or three strands at a time, to create bespoke fiber and color blends. Lunar is a lovely addition to their already robust selection of lace weight yarns, and can be used anywhere lustre is desired and Cima or Pebble is called for.

Shellie Anderson, Shibui’s in-house designer, has developed several patterns already for Lunar as part of the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. “Milan,” pictured above, is a garter ridge pullover knit with Lunar alone.


“Crete” is another new pattern which finds Lunar paired with Twig. This bias scarf begins and ends with Twig, and uses Lunar and Twig together during the body of the piece for a bit of transparency on either end. It’s this kind of simple-yet-clever detail that we’ve come to expect from Shibui, along with elegance. This pattern is the subject of their upcoming knit-along, and is free when you purchase Shibui yarns for the project.

Marsha is offering a class on “Crete,” for new knitters who want help learning to increase, decrease, work with two strands of yarn together, and practice pattern reading. Head to our Classes page to read more about it and sign up, if you like!

The rest of the Shibui SS17 pattern collection features other well-loved Shibui yarns like Rain and Cima.

Come by the shop to see all the new designs and plan a project with Lunar!


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