Anne and I were elated to open a giant box from Malabrigo last week. Inside, we found 16 bags of Rios in 16 brand new colorways that have never before been seen in Malabrigo’s worsted weight washable merino.

Rios has been well-loved at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop for its softness and gorgeous hand-dyed colorways, and the fact that it’s machine-washable doesn’t hurt, either. This quality makes it perfect for baby things, or for grown up things that are sure to get a lot of wear. Last year, for example, I used Rios to make a cowl for my sister, who, as the mother of an almost-3-year-old, requested “superwash only.” Anne made a beautiful blanket for her granddaughter in Rios, too.

We’re happy to have s0 many new colorways available in this yarn which is as practical as it is beautiful. Consider Rios for your next project!


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