Surprise! One-Weekend Sale: Jo Sharp.

Our four-week series of Going-To-Market sales continues! Week Two: Jo Sharp. That means all our Jo Sharp yarns are 25% off, starting today and ending on Sunday, May 29th.

Our Jo Sharp yarns vary in weight, fiber, and texture:

  • Alpaca Kid Lustre: a DK weight blend of mohair, merino wool, and alpaca
  • Alpaca Silk Georgette: a sport weight blend of merino wool, alpaca, and silk
  • Classic Wool DK: a smooth DK weight wool
  • Silkroad Aran: a worsted weight blend of wool, silk, and cashmere
  • Silkroad Ultra: a bulky blend of wool, silk, and cashmere
  • Silkroad Aran Tweed: a soft worsted weight tweed, made of wool, silk, and cashmere
  • Silkroad DK Tweed: a soft DK weight tweed, made of wool, silk, and cashmere
  • Soho Summer Cotton DK: a silky 100% cotton in a DK weight
As wonderful as all of these yarns are, I’d like to make a personal recommendation: Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed, either in the aran weight or the DK weight. I spent all day playing with this stuff. Not knitting, but organizing it, making sure all the colors were represented in the front and all our bins and bags of it were in order in the back. The better to fetch it for you, my friends, when you decide what color you want to make your next Silkroad Tweed sweater.
Look how happy all those Aran colors are together, tucked into their basket.
It’s the DK weight, though, that I’m really taken with. As I counted, priced, and sorted them, I played with color combinations, as these colors beg to be combined. Stripes? Colorwork? I didn’t decide. I just played:

I recommend the tweeds not only because I myself like them, but because we have sweater quantities of most tweed colorways, making this one-weekend sale an excellent opportunity to get a good deal on a sweater’s worth of truly luxurious yarn. Come and take a look! And keep your eyes on the blog this time next week for another sale announcement.
(A reminder: there will be no returns or exchanges on sale yarns. Thanks!)


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