We got a very large box from Berroco.

After much unpacking, admiring, reorganizing, and rearranging, it’s time to show off.

New colors of Berroco Sox, stuffed into their cubby but eager to get out. We also have a new pattern book to go with–brightly colored children’s garments, taking advantage of the self-patterning quality of this yarn.

A bright spectrum of Pure Pima, lounging around on the fainting couch, ready for spring knitting. Also, the latest booklet from Norah Gaughan, which features patterns for Pure Pima.

Finally, the more subdued but equally lovely Jasper, its colors replenished.

Last week was a particularly very-large-box-filled week at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, so there’s plenty more to share. I’ll be back here soon with the rest of our haul.

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