Knits at Home, Knits of Tomorrow.

Two new books have made themselves at home on the teacart of late. They share a publisher, a craft, and project category–Interweave Press, knitting, and home decor–but they differ greatly in their aesthetic. One has “modern” in its subtitle and the other, “retro.” Curious? Take a look.


Ruth Cross’s Knits at Home: Rustic Designs for the Modern Nest is a collection of patterns for handknit home decor items.


Wall hangings, rugs, covers for pillows and footstools, lacy curtains, and afghans all can be found here.



Most are knitted in soothing neutral colors, and make use of interesting texture patterns. Cross also gives guidance on designing handknits for the home.


On the other hand, Sue Culligan’s Knits of Tomorrow: Toys and Accessories for Your Retro-Future Needs takes a playful approach to home decor, working intarsia robots into pillow-covers and potholders, and knitting litte rocket ships to make a baby mobile. Culligan goes beyond home decor, as well, with accessories and cases for laptops, tablets, and other technological gadgets.



Whatever your taste, consider these new books as resources if you’re thinking of knitting for your home. You’ll find them on the teacart as you walk into the shop, among the latest books and magazines. See you there!

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