Interweave Knits.

The Winter 2016 issue of Interweave Knits is here, and copies have been flying off our teacart.


This issue has been particularly popular, I think, because of its tempting collection of aran- and gansey-inspired sweaters. All those cables and texture patterns look cozy to wear and interesting to knit, and as the weather is finally cooling, we knitters tend to perk up and reach for patterns like these.


Some of our favorite yarns are featured in this issue, too. Quenna Lee’s “MacGowan Pullover,” above, is knit in the soft and luxurious Fibre Company Knightsbridge, and Linda Marveng’s “Inverness Pullover,” below, is knit in the smooth and sturdy Plymouth Galway. These two yarns, alike in gauge, are so different in texture, drape, and fiber content, but both make stunning cables.


It’s not all texture patterns, though; Nancy Shroyer’s article on color selection is certainly worth a read, and there are a couple of colorwork patterns among the cables, too.



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