Hello, addi Bamboo FlexiFlips.

Another new kind of needle has arrived here at the shop – meet addi’s brand new Bamboo FlexiFlips!

Addi FlexiFlips offer an alternative to double points or magic loop for small-circumference knitting. They come in tubes of three 8″ needles, and the basic strategy is to divide your total stitch count in half between two needles, then knit with the empty third needle.

For some knitters, it’s far more comfortable than other methods of working in the round on small circumferences for sock- or mitten-knitting. Come by the shop to try them for yourself! We keep a sample set out so you can try before you buy.

So much in knitting is a matter of preference – no one brand or shape or type of needle is inherently better than another, but most of us develop preferences as we knit, and we try to offer tools for everyone’s tastes. The Bamboo FlexiFlips will suit those who love wooden needles, which have a less slippery surface than metal. If you find addi’s metal needles too slick and want more control over your stitches, these needles are worth a try.

Skacel and Della Q have collaborated to produce a needle case designed especially for FlexiFlips – look for them near the FlexiFlips here at our shop!

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